Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introductions and Salutations..

Hello all.  My name is Gray, and welcome to my new blog.

First question: Why "Beyond the Snake?"  Well, beyond the snickering comments of double entendre, it came from a confirmation from another blogger on twitter during what I would call the "@csgv wars".  On twitter, numerous bloggers, such as John Richardson, Linoge, Thirdpower, among others, were tangling with @csgv, who is specifically Ladd Everitt, their communications director.

When I stepped into the fight, one of the first things Ladd noticed was the rainbow gadsen flag.    Right off the bat, I was smeared as a "Tea Partier".  The Rainbow Gadsen was specifically used to stop anti-gay politicians in New Hampshire from removing the marriage equality law that was passed in 2009.   It is a powerful symbol that people on both political persuasions understand.

Ladd's crappy attitude triggered this comment from a twitter follower (don't remember who or what, you folks can refresh my memory in comments): "They don't see beyond the snake".   Thus the name of the blog.    Throughout the years, the Gadsen has been used for various contemporary ways..  The most important to me was the TV series Jericho, which the town's mayor took down the "Allied States of America" flag (which in that show was tyrannical, warlike, and corporate-driven government).

Like the folks fighting for marriage equality in New Hampshire, I am co-opting the Gadsen flag for our purposes here.  The "rainbow Gadsen" is a symbol of freedom against the state criminalizing adult consensual relationships (as numerous states did pre-Lawrence v. Texas), asking stupid questions like "what sex or gender are you" before granting of a marriage certificate, and general discriminatory actions against me and my "tribe".

The Tea Party using the Gadsen flag as their primary symbol does not negate it's value with other groups.   It is not owned solely by the Tea Party movement.

It is truly unfortunate that Ladd got zapped off of the most popular social platform in our country before seeing the results of this blog.  When one breaks the rules, you should expect consequences.

The next posts will feature some thoughts that are slightly old and stale given it's a few days or weeks old, but I have some catching up to do.