Friday, June 3, 2011

LGBT and Marriage Equality Roundup...(sans links)

  1.  New York Senate still under pressure to pass marriage equality Bill

It appears that the New York State Senate will soon be considering a marriage equality bill.   In the last 3 years, marriage equality bills have passed the Assembly repeatedly only to be stalled out in the Senate.   This year, however, a multi-vectored attack has been going on against the New York State Senate from not only the Governor, but also many in the NYC business community.  Surprising supporting is coming from many large scale GOP donors who are putting their money where their mouths are.  It goes to show that Marriage is and should never be a partisan issue.  

    2.  Nevada governor signs gender identity anti-discrimination bills.

In a surprising turnabout, Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law three anti-discrimination laws based on gender identity.  It covers employment, public accommodations, and housing. 

Governor Sandoval signed the bills due to pressure from the gaming industry, who viewed it as bad business for the state's image to discriminate.   The same pressure was made in 1999 to cover sexual orientation, in which Governor Kenny Guinn signed such a bill into law.

The same allowances are made in housing law that are already made for race, gender, and religion (room-rental in your own home, etc).

   3. Rhode Island House Passes Civil Unions

Though originally pushing for marriage equality, the RI equality movement went for Civil Unions.  Though Civil Unions cannot compare to marriage in name from the state, it is a critical method of protection while everything is sorted out.

More to come later when I'm not dead tired.

A Blast from the Past, and Why CSGV's "Insurrectionist, Treasonous" Language is not actually new and therefor should be ignored.

Funny things happen when you decide to do a little bit of research into people's mentality.

Gun Control: A Realistic Assessment by Don B. Kates

An interesting quote given that some people seem to think that @csgv "insurrectionist" tirades are something new.  It isn't.  This is from 1990:

In sum, murderers comprise only a small, highly aberrant (and malignant and irresponsible) subset of all gun owners. Why, then, is it enlightened and liberal: to vilify the 50% of American householders who have guns as barbaric and/or deranged ("Gun Lunatics Silence [the] Sounds of Civilization"{24}), "gun nuts", "gun fetishists", "anti-citizens" and "traitors, enemies of their own patriae"{25}, as sexually warped{26} "bulletbrains"{27} who engage in "simply beastly behavior"{28} and represent "the worst instincts in the human character"{29}; or to traduce pro-gun groups as the "pusher's best friend"{30} and their entire membership as "psychotics", "hunters who drink beer, don't vote and lie to their wives about where they were all weekend"{31}; to characterize the murder of children as "another slaughter co-sponsored by the National Rifle Association"{32} and assert that "The assassination of John Lennon has been brought to you by the National Rifle Association"{33}; and to cartoon gun owners as thugs and/or vigilantes, intellectually retarded, educationally backward and morally obtuse, or as Klansmen?{34}
The NIJ Evaluation accurately describes how the anti-gun advocates sees gun owners: as "demented and blood-thirsty psychopaths whose concept of fun is to rain death upon innocent creatures both human and otherwise." It is really quite remarkable for such calumnies to issue from people who, rightly, regard it as egregious bigotry when other bigots: seek to blame AIDS deaths on gays whom they revile as sexually warped, moral degenerates who engage in simply bestial behavior; or blame gay rights activists for AIDS because they lobby against ordinances that would close bath houses; describe abortion rights activists as murderers, "baby butchers" and abortion clinics as "merchants of death"; dismiss all homeless people and welfare recipients as slackers, drug addicted, alcoholic or retarded; or traduce the ACLU as the "best friend" of criminals and drug pushers.
The fact that anti-gun crusaders are commendably eager to oppose racism, gay bashing and other evils they recognize as bigotry does not excuse their inability to recognize their own bigotry. On the contrary, it compounds that bigotry with myopia, if not hypocrisy.

Boy, doesn't this sound familiar?  This whole "gun owners are insurrectionist traitors" has been going on for DECADES.  It is not a recent thing that Ladd Everitt and the CSGV recently started doing in some form of desperation tactic against Heller and McDonald.  These is purely the latest chapter in a decades long academic attacks on gun owners, as Mr. Kates can show from his research in 1990 on the subject.