Friday, August 3, 2012

Certain "Straight Allies" to gays need to stop damaging their "Allies"

The Chick-Fil-A mess  has shown how straight people trying to be "allied" with us hurt us the most at times.

Mayor Thomas Menino wrote a letter to Chick-Fil-A stating that he doesn't like them being in the city.   What he said right after the letter is what started the firestorm.

"first reported last week that Menino warned “it will be very difficult” for Chick-fil-A to obtain licenses for a restaurant in Boston.[...]"

Similar actions were threatened by an Alderman in Chicago who stated the same thing, using concerns about traffic and secondary effects as a smokescreen.

Menino had to "walk it back", but the Chicago Alderman isn't backing down.

Unfortunately, social conservative groups used the above especially to do a buycott.  What they don't understand is that social conservative movements gave the Alderman the tools and some constitutional backing to his position.  The cases that illustrate this is Annex Books v. City of Indianapolis and City of Renton v. Playtime Theaters, City of Cleburne v. Cleburne Living Center.  Also, Ezell v. the City of Chicago also discusses bans as well.

Gay groups and gay people have been boycotting Chick-Fil-A for many years before this latest blowup has been occurring.   We were doing fine with the boycotts until "straight allied" politicians decided to do unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination and blow things up to a full-scale boycott/buycott war.

Thanks a lot, "Straight Allied" politicians, for screwing the gays over.   You wanna tell Chick-Fil-A you don't like them because of what they said or what their foundation is supporting (money to FRC, money which went to the "Kill the Gays" Bill in Uganda), that's fine.  Engaging in zoning and licensing stupidity is not how you fight these battles.   Because of this, you have some libertarians and moderates joining the buycott, perhaps not realizing that their money may be used to support the mass murder of gays in Uganda by their government.

Thanks a fucking lot to these so-called "Straight Allies".  People like you is why we lost the Prop 8 Battle with "Whether you like it or not" and the teacher who took the kids to San Francisco City Hall with the field trip on the first day of marriage after In Re Marriage Cases ruling took effect.