Friday, October 19, 2012

New Washington State CPL Design....

Courtesy of the Washington State Department of Licensing, Firearms Division...

Front of new CPL

Back of new CPL

The new license looks nice.  Not everyone is currently issuing it yet.   Department of Licensing Firearms Division is rolling out something called "Firearms Online", which is some sort of new state database system.   You can always call up the issuing authority and ask them if they issue the new CPL.  Under Washington State law, you can renew up to 3 months in advance of the expiration date of your current license.  

If you're a resident of Washington state & a resident of an incorporated city with it's own police department, you can apply either to the city PD or the county sheriff (your choice).  If you're not a resident of Washington, you can apply to any jurisdiction for a license.

Thanks to a rep at the DOL for sending this over....

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